What We Have

29 This is summarised in the acronym FIRST:-

F  ast and accelerating external changes affecting organisations;

I  ndividuals who tend to think integratively but have been trained to think unintegratively, and their knowledge and motivation in organisations;

R  elationships and interactions with individual end-users/citizens and their knowledge and motivation, and relationships and interactions among those within organisations;

S  elf-organising propensity of individuals and organisations;

T  echnology improvements to enable end-users/citizens to deal with suppliers 24/7.

What We Want

30 What we want is good governance in organisations. This is summarised in the acronym START:-

S takeholder engagement at all times;

T  rust based on the individual integrity of each person involved;

A  ccountability;

R  esponsible behaviour by persons in organisations;

T  ransparency.

Transparency, NEW IT and DIG 247

31 As transparency is necessary for achieving the other aspects of good governance we will discuss it in a little more detail.

32 Transparency is about all involved being open and can did. Being open and can did is part of acting with integrity - the condition of being wholly honest and upright.

33 Transparency is also about interactions among individuals. For instance, the public sector exists to serve the citizens of a country and interacts continually with them and individuals in business and civil society organisations in the nation and externally. Accordingly, if we wish to achieve transparency we need to address how the integrity of each unique person is instilled and how it is maintained during interactions with others.