Becoming an Effective NEW Integrative Thinker (NEW IT) Is Not Difficult

19 For example, the SOARA (Satisfying, Optimum, Achievable Results Ahead) Process of Integrative Thinking involves the learning of a comprehensive set of aids to memory to help trigger connections in our minds, help us see analogies in unrelated fields and provide a way of self monitoring our thinking and acting.  All these aids to memory are joined together in a meaningful sentence so the Process as a whole can be learned in about the time it takes to learn to drive a car (about twelve hours) and is easily remembered. With practice its application can become almost automatic. At all stages of the Process provision is made for learners to record their reflections and possible actions based on those reflections. People can be introduced to the basic concepts of the Process at almost any age. The Process is culturally neutral because it accepts the uniqueness of each human being.

20 With practice, applying the SOARA Process of Integrative Thinking becomes a habit which empowers people and makes easier our struggle to achieve successful outcomes on a life-long journey among possibilities. It helps us refine our perceptions, expand our horizons, sense and respond successfully to emerging trends and events. By helping us to make analogies from other domains it brings out and enhances our creativity. By helping us to always consider a comprehensive range of variables it ensures we always take others into account including our “customers” and stakeholders.  NEW IT helps us and our enterprises thrive.

21 By helping improve our creativity and performance NEW IT helps us gain a sense of meaning, a sense of belonging and a sense of personal power. This is because NEW IT helps us reconcile our needs and wants and balance and integrate our thoughts, feelings and actions in harmony with our physical, social and cultural environment. In this way NEW IT helps us to a self-reliant state of mind from which we can work towards achieving sustainable development and the better linking of life and work.

22 In all contexts NEW IT provides an essential in gredient for sustainable successful connections, relationships and interactions  – a common basis for communication between individuals.

Douglas Integrative Governance 247 (DIG 247)

“Indeed, which path the international community and emerging countries embark on in the coming years on governance may prove critical for success or failure in providing for an appropriate climate for renewed investment and private-sector growth in emerging markets, for poverty alleviation and, related, with progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).” p.4

“Citizen and enterprise participation and voice are vital in increasing transparency, providing for the necessary external accountability mechanisms and thus for the checks and balances that even the best internal accountability rules and systems within government cannot fulfill completely. Transparency-enhancing mechanisms involving a multitude of stakeholders throughout society can be thought as creating millions of “auditors.” Indeed, such external accountability mechanisms, which often also include very activist media involvement as well as the new set of data-driven diagnostic and Internet-based tools, can be powerful factors supporting a change in the incentive structure of institutions that are monitored.” p.35 Rethinking Governance: Empirical Lessons Challenge Orthodoxy Daniel Kaufmann, The World Bank, 2003.