DIG 247 in Practice

45 Applying DIG 247 in practice begins in the same way whether it is a social entrepreneur, a single business person starting out, a large corporation, a public servant planning the implementation of a government program or an activist in a civil society organisation. Each person involved simply acquires the NEW Integrative Thinking (NEW IT) and Douglas Integrative Governance 247 (DIG 247) training modules and templates and works their way through them. 

46 The NEW IT Modules are designed for self-learning and take the learner in easy steps through the strategic and tactical planning, action, review and evaluation stages of an Integrative Problem Solving process which is applicable in any context. A problem is simply defined as the difference between what one has and what one wants in any context. Accordingly, problem solving and planning is simply the process of negotiating the change from what one has to what one wants. Changing to good governance is no exception.

47 After completing this Integrative Problem Solving stage the people involved are ready to establish governance policies for whatever type of  organisation they have decided upon as being most appropriate to the circumstances – Direct Support Advocates Team, Enterprise, Federation, Supplier – or all four. For instance, a rural development project might start with just two Direct Support Advocates as Catalysts. Nevertheless, it would start out with governance policies based on the DIG 247 Templates and build connections, relationships and interactions following the IFEDS Model. Similarly, a civil society activist group might start with two or three advocates in the equivalent of a Direct Support Advocates Team and as new issues arose foster the development of similar small groups - one for each issue – which would remain connected with the first group. In this way a Federation would start to develop.

48 On the other hand, a large existing corporation might start by setting up the framework of a Federation with other corporations as Enterprises and Suppliers and existing local end-user/citizen focussed people who could be trained as Direct Support Advocates. Similarly, a government program might be implemented from the outset by a Federation with Enterprises and Direct Support Advocates Teams in local areas. 

49 In all these instances and depending on their qualifications, Direct Support Advocates, Enterprises and Suppliers could be providing their services for more than one Federation.

50 Throughout the process of Integrative Problem Solving using NEW IT Modules and the writing and review of Integrative Governance Policies using DIG 247 Modules, any new and appropriate enablement tools would be integrated with those mentioned in this description.

DIG 247 and Carver Policy Governance®

“Policy Governance® is an integrated set of concepts and principles that describes the job of any governing board.”
“Unlike most solutions to the challenge of board leadership, its approach to the design of the governance role is neither structural nor piecemeal, but is comprehensively theory based. The model covers all legitimate intentions of corporate governance codes (including Sarbanes-Oxley), but in a far more comprehensive, theory-based manner.
”From http://www.carvergovernance.com/ 2006.

51 Templates of Douglas Integrative Governance 247 (DIG 247) Policies for Federations, for Enterprises and for Direct Support Advocates Teams (DSATs) are available from http://www.integrative-thinking.com  . They greatly simplify and reduce the cost of preparing governance policies for new or existing organisations. They can be adapted for Suppliers as they follow a common pattern. They owe much to the Carver Policy Governance® Model at http://www.carvergovernance.com  and my experience with it and other models in government, civil society and business organisations in the managerial economy. Some Carver principles are equally applicable in both economies and since both will exist in tandem for many years I strongly recommend people gain an understanding of Carver Policy Governance® before using these templates.