NEW IT Module 5 has 20 pages in which you will learn about:

• Applying the SOARA Process as individuals;

• The SOARA Metamnemonic and how to use it to remember all of the SOARA Process and as a mantra to calm your Integrative Mind and trigger connections in it to facilitate and improve creativity and performance;

• Building a common basis for communication with others;

• Influencing others with integrity;

• Applying the SOARA Process in groups and organisations;

• The secret of successful organisations;

• Decision making on behalf of others;

• Using the SOARA Process when addressing ethical issues;

• Using the SOARA Process at home;

• Using the SOARA Process in formal learning;

• Using the SOARA Process at work;

• Leisure and the SOARA Process;

• Why we do not work as a team; and

• A new theory of management.

NEW IT Module 5 is essential for those who feel there is room for improving creativity and performance in themselves and others for whom they bear some responsibility.

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