The purpose of this website is to:

Introduce you to an innovative Mind Science-based approach to improving individual and organisational performance;

• Offer five low-cost modules for self or guided learning about this approach and the techniques of NEW Integrative Thinking (NEW IT) and its application in decision making, problem solving, planning and action;

• Offer two low-cost Douglas Integrative Governance 247 (DIG 247) modules for start-up and existing business, government and civil society organisations;
to help them achieve integrated governance.

Learning and using these modules will lead to Integrative Improvement in individuals and organisations in the emerging technology-facilitated, bottom-up, distributed economy. 

This is because they are based on our current scientific understanding of a world that tends to be self-organising with human beings whose minds are naturally integrative - not a world of parts that must be managed into a stable state or moved from one stable state to another by top-down managers trained to think unintegratively rather than integratively.

A Revolution of Minds has begun. It is unlike any other revolution. It is based on a new scientific understanding of how we reason.

It is a revolution that will change how we see ourselves and others and improve how we perform as individuals and in groups. It will help us towards more fulfilling lives and kinder societies. It will help us cope better with the problems of interdependent market economies in an age of information. It will empower us to deal in a sustainable way with the urgent problems in our physical, social and cultural environments.

All that it takes to join the Revolution of Minds is to do something we all do often - change our minds. The modules offered here will help you join the growing number of leaders of the Revolution of Minds inexpensively, efficiently and effectively.

Graham Douglas is a pioneer author and consultant in Applied Mind Science in the field of Integrative Thinking and originator of Integrative Improvement: Sustainable Development as if People and Their Physical, Social and Cultural Environments Mattered, The SOARA Process of Integrative Problem Solving and Douglas Integrative Governance 247 (DIG 247). Graham is a Topic Editor in the area of Sustainable Development for the Encyclopedia of Earth.